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lead Landscape Artist

lead Landscape Artist

Achim Mohssen-Beyk, Head Landscape Artist

Like so many Canadians, I come from a multicultural background. I was born in Germany, lived in Iran for 12 years, in Germany for 20 years and finally immigrated to Canada in 2000.

I started landscaping as a young student and continued throughout college and university. I graduated as a mechanical engineer, at which time I came to realize that my passion truly lay in landscaping. That's when I initially started my own landscaping business in Germany and successfully operated it for 6 years before deciding to come to Canada. Once in Canada, I started pursuing my other passion, organic farming, while never losing sight of landscaping. I continued to work both in the farming and landscaping industries over the years, and finally moved to Toronto in early 2015 to bring Heartscapes Professional Landscaping to life.

Thanks to all of my amazing customers, 2015 was a great first year! I anticipate another great year ahead, and look forward to meeting more wonderful people as well as starting many new and exciting projects!